Has anyone ever used Decorah Hatchery?


9 Years
Feb 5, 2010
Missouri Ozarks
I'm thinking about ordering from them. Has anyone ever ordered from them? Good experience? Bad?

I had a negative experience with them recently.

I called Steve from Decorah Hatchery and he rushed me off the phone. He wasn't willing to answer a couple questions and told me to just email him. He said "Gotta Go" *CLICK* and hangs up the phone on me..

So I emailed him to inquire about ordering 25 chicks from them. Steve replied to me with a quote that was much higher than I expected. I replied back to him asking for a breakdown on the price and explaining to him that the prices listed on his website was much less than the quote he was giving me (including shipping charges). He never replied back.

To me that's bad business and I wouldn't order from them. I found much better prices elsewhere.
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My SIL has used Decorah Hatchery and has had great experiences. She said that she used them due to word of mouth reviews. I do know that they stay crazy busy between the hatchery and the shop they run on the side and it can take a couple attempts to get a response. I have always received great customer service in the shop and Steve is pretty awesome. I can't wait for spring to be able to report on my own chick experience with them.

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