Has anyone experienced their chickens being in love or forming relationships?

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    Sep 7, 2014
    I have this one chicken, for some reason she likes to be alone, she's not ill, but alot of the time I find her alone. Then I have these two other chickens that don't really stay with the flock either. I almost ALWAYS find them together, the only time they aren't is when they are with the flock. I find the flock, but the other two are either inside the coop together, or perching outside. They're only 4 months old. One is a female buff orphington, she's a sweety and I love her, the other is a male americauna who is two weeks older than her. When they are running around, they both follow eachother, so it's not like one is dominating the other and that's the only reason they are together. The male follows the female, and the female follows the male. Has anyone else experienced this? I just find it so bizarre.
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    You should check out the book "Once Upon a Flock" by Lauren Scheuer. Such a cute book and all about her chickens' relationships.

    They sound like they make an adorable pair!

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