Has anyone got bar-headed geese?


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I am looking for someone who has bar-headed geese who may have eggs or goslings for sale next season
. They seem hard to come by.
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I've seen pictures of them and they are a beautiful rareity indeed. However nothing was mentioned of their characteristics. It is difficult to find such complete info on many common breeds much less the rare ones you seek.

Hopefully someone here can share first had experiences so you settle with the correct breed choice for your home the first attemp.

Good luck, keep us posted.
from wikipedia:
The bird is sociable and causes no problems for other birds.

I also read they are great flyers use to flying at high altitudes (over the Himalayas... their migratory path)

They are great escapees from captivity.

They lay 4-6 eggs per clutch.

They are relatively small... the males weighing in at 4 - 7 pounds.. I think

Excellent pictures on this blog:

That's all I could find in 10 minutes

Might want to try searching using the name Anser Indicus
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Thanks for the info. They are beautiful. I managed to get hold of 2 eggs (shipped) this year but neither started to develop
. Hoping for better luck next year.
Just was looking on internet about bar-headed geese and saw your message. I got lovely youngsters if you are still interested, you also can see their parents. They are great birds to keep and very good parents.
Do you still have bar headed geese Im looking for a male I do have 2 young females but Im looking for a boy, please let me knwo if you have some or if you know someone , Thanks

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