Has anyone had a chicken survive coccidiosis?

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    This is my Dolly last year with her first brood. She very successfully raised 8 babies.

    Dolly and Babies

    Dolly, a pet quality bantam cochin, was in the first batch I ordered from a hatchery early 2005. A couple days after they moved outside at a few weeks old, she stopped eating was not interested in the treats everyone else was devouring. I immediately brought her in. She pooped a very bloody, runny mess. Not knowing what to do I went online and did a little research. Found what I needed and went to a local feed store. They had the Sulmet I was looking for. I started her on the Sulmet. She was drinking fine, so all I had to do was add it to the water as directed. The next day was eating like crazy. I continued the meds as directed for as long as directed.

    She ended up stunted in growth and slightly smaller than her sister, but is perfectly healthy otherwise.

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    Dec 29, 2007
    Yep. My guineas got it and one was limping so badly we thought for sure it would be dead in a few days. I took it to a vet who knew poultry, and figured they would just dispose of it there. He gave me meds to put in everyone's water, and said it would be just fine. Sure enough, it pulled through! Apparently there are several strains of Cocci that affect chickens, guineas and/or turkey. My guineas got it, but my chickens didn't. The vet said it's really common to just get it from the soil. We had never had chickens or poultry before.
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    Yes birds can recover from this. Mix meds as directed fresh everyday. We usually treated for 14 days. Make sure all birds are treated. If inside, in brooders clean with diluted bleach everyday to kill coci. in the brooder so that they will not be recontaminated.

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