Has anyone had past success curing sour crop?


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Jun 24, 2008
BC Canada
Has anyone had any success with sour crop and what did you do?
I have a sick three year old hen (with sour crop? not eating, weak, repeated liquid in crop, green diarrhea, light and bony ). I have tried isolation/rest, massaging crop, ACV/electrolytes/rescue remedy/tiny bit of GSE in water, and also offered her yogourt with garlic and porridge/yogourt plain/ applesauce/bread with olive oil/plain olive oil/grit etc. (all of which she wouldn't eat?) and more... I feel no blockage but there may be something. (If there is blockage the only thing I can think of is corn cob?) It's been days now. She is worse today, weaker and weaker, althougth yesterday she ate some bugs when I took her over to the manure pile (she was refusing everything else and I thought something is better than nothing) although today her crop has refilled with fluid and she is miserable. She has had enough brightness in her eyes before that I haven't been willing to cull yet but it may come to that if she is suffering and I can't find anything.
I would like to understand who has had success with sour crop and how. The information I'm finding is so confused.
Are you certain she has sour crop? When you open her mouth, does it smell bad? If it's sour crop, you're doing too many things that are contradicatory to each other, that may be causing more problems for her.

Here's a post about sour crop - with directions on how to treat it. Pay close attention to what "threehorses" has to say, in particular. Her advice is very detailed and she knows her stuff. If you need more help than this post, do a search of BYC for more sour crop posts where threehorses is dispensing advice.


Good luck!
thanks feathersnuggles, I'm researching that now. She almost died from choking on the foul liquid when I massaged the crop, poor sweetie.
this is really a hard one. I have yet to find a story that ended in success.

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