Has anyone hatched eggs from Blue Swedish x Black East Indies?

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  1. I hatched a couple of eggs from my Swedish duck pen and thought "these look so different from any others they've given me ---really different". I raised them and kept watching them, thinking these two just don't look right. Well, I finally figured it out. I have a black East Indies bantam drake that just roams around (flies around, he's a good flier) where ever and he must have gotten lucky with one of the blue Swedish girls. He is so darn tiny, I didn't think it was 'physically' possible he could mate a big duckgirl.
    The 'grown now' ducks are dark blue, have black bills and feet, and small or no bib, but they are full-sized. I know 'where there's a will, there's a way', but it was funny that I didn't even consider the BEI guy as a potential father.
    I might have thought of it sooner if if the ducklings had been small, but they are as big as the Swedish. They are both really pretty, but obviously not Swedish!
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    Quote:Would love to see some pics. [​IMG]
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    Why wouldn't they pass as swedish?
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    Quote:They sure are pretty!!
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    They look like Blue Swedish to me. Just hatchery quality and not show quality. I've seen a lot worse than that come out of the hatcheries.
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    Quote:X2 they dont look like crosses.
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    I agree - they don't look like crosses. They still may be but there is no reason to think so from their appearance.
  8. Really? Thanks, I thought they looked so different from any other Swedish ducklings I've hatched from that pen that they *must* be crosses.
    Here are a black pair from my blue Swedish pen:
    They (and all the other ducklings with the exception of the first 2 circled) look like what I expect.

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