has anyone have their hens bodies returned

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  1. ladyearth

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    Nov 23, 2013
    to them after a necropsy? I want to bury my adorable Pinkie Lee..
    Like I mentioned the vet has to send in her body... The state lab or vet school told me so when I checked over a year ago .We have to drive 20 miles one way to deliver her to a vet..
    I wish we could drive her ourselves to Murray State School
    I hate the thought of her just thrown in the trash....[​IMG]
    I will ask I would ask Hubby to drive me there
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  2. Hi. [​IMG]

    I don't know the answer. But I am sorry for your loss. [​IMG]

    Why have you decided to do a necropsy?
    You could keep her and bury her so you don't have to worry about how she is handled. [​IMG]
  3. ladyearth

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    Nov 23, 2013
    because I want to know what killed her so fast.
    what I can remember she seemed fine. yesterday

    Then around noon TODAY when finally ready to clean their poo in yard I found her by herself in their main roofed shelter
    when she did not squawk or resisted picking her up and her eyes closed I knew it was bad.
    I am so sad....She was such a delightful cutie.....
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    I'm sorry for your loss.

    Ask your the vet what the protocol is for returning birds after necropsy. Depending on where they are sent, usually they are not returned. Some labs may agree to return them for an extra fee.

  5. I know you are already going the best route to find out the truth. Do you mind if I still ask a few questions? What was her age and breed?

    I wish more people were able to get necropsies. Do you mind sharing the results when you get?

    Would you like to share a picture of you lovely girl? [​IMG]
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  6. ladyearth

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    Nov 23, 2013
    we ended up driving her to the vet school or lab ourselves it was a 4 hr trip both ways.
    Sign outside clearly said" no BODIES RETURNED"...
    I just wish I would have put one or more of the presidents down on the counter Maybe the receiving guy who was there WOULD have found a way.
    I just hate like I said "Pinkie Lee" being "disposed of" She should be buried here on this land where she spent all but the first few days of her life.
    she would have been 2 in this coming February.... she was a beautiful sweet Barr Rocker....
    I just bet they arent careful with animals bodies and prob nothing much to "bury" I have seen necropsy pics of this forum and my chicken Health handbook
    But the results will be sent to the vet couple miles away. we have to pay thru him. I am sure he will tack on a fee even though he had no part in the affair..I checked out Brehittt Vet School web site It had a fee of $80 for the necropsy...
    I know each of my girls grunts or whining or voices.[​IMG][​IMG] I got a few pics of them lately but none specically Of PINKIE LEE. the camera wouldnt do her justise..
    I am sure we will have to bury "Honk Honkey" soon cause that silly gander who showed up last month or so wont stay in the backyard or side yard.
    He ran across the street when we got home when the neighbor guy came home from work.. That neighbor doesnt give a hoot...I yelled "HONK get out of the street" ....two trucks went around him going down the hill...
    so Hubby flashlighted him back into the backyard/ Not sure where he is now
    that is where we have set up his water containers, feed dish, dog carrier with hay etc and a pallet , stone wall, tall fence section blocking the wind and a nice aluminum CL leftover awning...so far he wont go into the big dog carrier. He occ follow me close to the chicken field. They used to be scared when he honked and honked.....I think they still avoid him when I let them out a little before sleep time
    he is of course drinking RAIN puddles close to the front, since it has rained most of day. WE are catching rainwater for him too
    He follows us around and wants attention. He is so Goofy...I wish he would go into that dog carrier so we could find him a good home with a pond etc With a new Honey> Since his Sissy girl was runned over in the busy street here.I tell him "sissy girl isnt coming back, you kept taking her back and forth acoss the street....He is a gorgeous Gray.... too bad Sissy was the one to get hit. Cause I am sure there is more demand for a Cute GOOSE.
    No eggs today. Cause I believe Pinkie was the only layer lately. Even though see a shelles egg on poop bd or nest box or in field every other day or so...
    thanks all
  7. Well, we don't have to think the worst of the people doing the necropsy. Let's believe that while they do their job they will handle Pinkie Lee with care! Many people went into animal science because they care about animals not because they like hacking thing up. And most do understand that they are handling someones' pet. And maybe you can still have a ceremony or something like that to help your heart heal. Plant a tree in honor of her, where you can go sit and remember the good times. Or maybe a pink flower. Something that makes you feel good. I mention plants because I like to see the new life and know that when it comes down to ashes to ashes and dust to dust, we are all part of the circle of life. Maybe they cremate?

    When I had only 3 hens, I could tell each of their voices as well. [​IMG] Now with 48 it's a bit harder but I can still discern a few.

    I am sure that was a difficult drive for you. Glad your hubby was able to accompany you. And you no longer have to worry about that part.

    I also think the death of beloved pets helps us learn how to deal with more tramatic deaths in our families. [​IMG]

    It's OK to grieve! [​IMG]
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  8. ladyearth

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    Nov 23, 2013
    Please do you think they would sew her back up and make her presentable like done for humans?
    Like I said I looked over necropsy instructions in my Chicken Health handbook. everything looks like it needs to be looked at.cut open top to bottom...
    Oh and Hubby drive me any place other than right around here. I get lost even with GPS plus my sense of direction, eyesight etc and scare of small 2 lane high speed roads. I like 35 mph on 2 lanes. LOL
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  9. ladyearth

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    Nov 23, 2013
    well supp got results today. I am upset cause there is no mention of her being a Barr Rock on the paperwork. they dint put her weight etc. also under "sex" thy put "spayed female" under "color" not fgilled it. I will call tomorrow and asked if they could have mixed her up with another hen. Caiuse I remember see a lady walk into the receiving area behind the glass window and say " another chicken ?" We didnt see them tag her etc. when we handed her over in a clear plastic bag... I am not sure if the guy put the paperwork with her. right then
    But I will call and ask more of the main Dr at the VET SCHOOL
    well anyway no lab findings etc. on the first sheet of paper...

    Report says Gross DX Fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome....

    they foraged everyday. Given Organic pellets, pump seeds,occ cherry tomato or two in season. a few raw or dry roasted unsalted peanuts before roost 4 or 5 times or so a week or BOSS

    maybe once a week Fish, or all shared a small can tuna or salmon w/o the "juice"
    Now can BoSS hurt them. I see where scrathes mixtures have "Boss" in them. Plus seen it in homemade feed mixtures. Mayb sevral times a week a little brown and wild rice with split peas and premix, tumeric black pepper

    Pinkie Lee was no overweight none are.. Matter fact they all look to be losing some weight. I dont remember any yellow skin or eyes I think I may have seen a few times lately some a liitle tan colred URATES....
    I checked the label on BOSS Bag said 25 % fat.....
    could her having been stepped on damaged her ? I stepped on one of them week or two ago. when I pushed with my toe Roo off one of th girls. I lost my balance and stepped on the escaping hen victim. But I didnt get a good look at her. she got awy to fast and blnded in with the rest and my vision is not good unless I am closer....
    Plus gave some of them couple syringed oral doses of Oregano essential oll dilutedin olive oil... while they were on ACV
    PLus I believe she was the only one LAYING an egg for quirte a while. She seemed fine defintely Friday Running up and whining for a tomato or something other than dry feed
    Heck she prob got less of stuff other than feed cause they was prob low on the pecking order
    Now also read on this forum that" FLAX SEED" can cause problems. She might have been left such in the mixture of "grasses" that I would give them quite so I made sure that my mixtures were less than 10 % flax.
    often too.. The top pecking order might have left such after they picked out what they wanted.
    Oh the vet school didnt charge the $80 like listed on their WEB site under "fees"
    But the vet that received the results and got the paperwork from today charged $35.... He said over the phone he,s not a chicken expert or whatever
    Thanks just wish I could have seen part of the necropsy so I could have seen it was PINKIE LEE and the liver damage myself.Cause I am a "show me person"
    so maybe there is a herbal remedy for liver cleanse...

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    Nov 22, 2016
    Hayden, Al
    Just because she had a fatty liver doesn't mean she was overweight. Humans can get fatty liver too, even skinny humans. My mother in law just had a friend pass away a few days ago because of a fatty liver. Fatty liver is one of the leading causes in mortality in laying hens because they usually hemorrhage from the liver which is usually caused from straining to lay an egg. This may be the case since you said you think she was the only one laying for some time. It makes since that she was fine one day and then gone the next if this is what happened. So I would say no it isn't your fault and you didn't hurat her.

    Oh and there isn't a cure for fatty liver so if your other hens have it then a cleanse will not help. They do liver transplants for us humans but I don't think that's an option for chickens... Yet.
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