Has anyone heard of BLEU (b l E u) Marans?


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Mar 29, 2009
Russell County
I'm really interested in them. Appparently they are a BLUE cuckoo Marans

Sounds neat! I want to start breeding them
Never ever heard of such - I know there are Blue Wheatens and straight Blues (we're in the middle of hatching 15!
) as well as Blue Coppers, but otherwise, no. . . Sounds slightly interesting, but I'm curious as to the quality of them. Most cuckoos are hatchery quality, and often it takes a truly experienced person to properly cross Marans colors and keep the quality in the egg.
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THe person got them from Barber or whatever.
Said they got most of their birds from the breeder themselves!

But it looks neat. If you PM me I will send you the link

The only issue is they sell chicks for $15 each but the Blues, Blacks, Cuckoos and BLEUs are all together :-/
Found someone, seems to match your details. The mix in selling is because of the genetics of the blue (Andalusian based) and the barring - The barring splits, and you can't just get straight blue from blue or blue/black parents. Also, chick prices like that you'd need to question. Either they're actually a reputable breeder or trying to rip someone off with an unfinished project bird. I wouldn't pay that money per chick for Marans unless Bev Davis herself sold them to me, and they were that good.
Yep All you gotta do to get all blue cuckoo is cross a Cuckoo Marans rooster on Splash Marans hens, If you use a blue roo instead of a splash, you'll get have cuckoo and half blue cuckoo. Or if you do it the other way around with a Splash roo on Cuckoo hens, you'll get sexlinks, the males will be blue cuckoo and the hens will be blue.
oh, I'm glad you just posted that because I couldn't find this thread to follow up on my first incomplete thought.

Also, there's a gal in Texas who sells eggs for these on eggbid. Her eggbid name is cowgirl and like 4 digits? Like cowgirl1234, except it's not 1234.

The best Cuckoo Marans I have ever seen, which lay the best Marans eggs I have ever seen, came from her.
If they said they got the Blue Marans directly from Barber, they are lying.....Mr Barber has been dead for quite some time. I do not think he ever had Blue Marans imported here in the US. I think the Blue Marans was created here in the US some time ago, very quietly.

I never heard of Bleu Marans, probably another added "new" breed name for the crosses they are trying to establish. Blue Marans, yes.

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