Has anyone here trained their birds?

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    Jan 17, 2009
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    I have been researching clicker training for my Amazon, Paco. I have been testing it on my grandma's baby cockatiel that is currently weaning. It's working a little but this bird isn't super food motivated. However Paco loves treats and I have a feeling he'd be willing to do little tasks for food. The first thing that came to mind for him was fetch but I know he isn't super keen of coming toward me. He'd rather run off. So I was thinking of maybe putting rings on a peg or a ball in a cup. It would be relatively simple for him as I know he's intelligent even though he wants me to think otherwise. I've seen birds of his same species on youtube recite whole songs, dance, and do dozens of tricks in under 3 minutes so I'm going to assume that he can at least put a darn ball in a cup. There's nothing wrong with him, only the way he was treated. He spent the first 5 years of his life in a dog crate in a garage. Every time he would get loud they would bang on his cage and scream. It explains why he's so afraid of hands and doesn't talk at all. I've had him for 2 years now and he's just starting to come around. I'm thinking that clicker training him might bring us closer.
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    May 30, 2011
    I had read that chicken trainers make better dog trainers, but hadn't taken an interest since I didn't have chickens.

    Now I have chickens, & I think I'm gonna see what I can do when some (hopefully) of my Delawares hatch in about another 10-12 days. If you haven't, check out Karen Pryor's website. I have used clicker training to begin training my dogs when they were 8 wks old & still use it for new behaviors. I do think it has helped improve the bond between us.

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