Has anyone made tomato butter?


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Apr 10, 2009
NW Indiana
While visiting a friend we found an old recipe book of her Mom's with a recipe for tomato butter.
Since I bought a 1/2 bushel of canning tomatoes I'll probably try this recipe with some of them.

It directs you to "grind" tomatoes & onions and combine with brown sugar, vinegar and spices (cinnamon, allspice & ?) then simmer until thick.

I've had storebought tomato marmalade and wondered if this will come out similar.
oh poo. I was getting all excited thinking that I needed to try that... and Mr. Hagan set me right back in my seat. I think he's right.
The spices, though, aren't in ketchup. I've heard of tomato marmalade. I'm wondering if this is more like a thick tomato sauce - more like apple butter consistency. It also depends on how much sugar the recipe calls for. A little bit would indicate something like ketchup or tomato sauce. A lot would indicate something more along the line of marmalade/butter.

Good luck! I think it sounds wonderful.
Def too much sugar for ketchup (catsup?) - by the amount called for it sounds like the consistency would be more like a fruit butter - spreadable.

The tomato marmalade recipe sounds similar except the fruit is left in chunks & no citrus.

I may try a test-batch using a few ripe tomatoes I still have out & if I really like it I have a freezer full of tomatoes to use.

If it's tasty enough it would make a good Christmas present along with a nice loaf of beer bread.
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yup. It is my favorite vegetable. But, I prefer store bought.

Some things in life are better when someone else makes it for you.
Like a BLT. Those are always better when some sets on in front of you and you didn't have to make it yourself.

..even better when they clean up!
Is your second favorite vegetable french fries? If so, you might be my wife's long lost twin sister. She is a Floridian too.

If I tried to make ketchup I would be grievously disappointed if it didn't taste like Heinz. So why bother?

2DogsFarm, don't forget me at Christmas time. I would certainly appreciate a gift of bread and tomato stuff. Nobody ever gives me nothing!

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