Has anyone seen Marley and Me?take a look! Show UR bad doggie!

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Apr 20, 2008
Birnamwood, Wisconsin
At almost a year old our boxer Max was SO like Marley! He was just a bad bad boy but we loved him and we tried to work through his naughtiness. He is still naughty once in a while but much better now that he's over 2! Take a look at what he does when we leave him alone to go to our son's wrestling tourney. THAT used to be a feather pillow...MY feather pillow from my bed UPSTAIRS. That was a huge mess to clean up I can tell ya that! The good thing is he's VERY good with the chickens
Maybe cuz I forced him to lay still while I set 25 baby chicks all over him!

Now does this look like a bad dog?? LOL

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Aug 8, 2007
Omgosh! I want to see that movie SO bad! But everytime we go to rent movies, he just does not want to get it!
grrrrr. that dog just looks soooo cute in it too...

Sugar Sand Farm

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Apr 24, 2007
North Florida
DS got DH a great pyr for Easter He told us not to name her Marley it would be bad luck Well He was so right. Everytime she comes into the house she picks up the large water bowl and overturns it.Usually when its full. Can't tell you how many times I have had to dry the floor. She hs this thing about right side up bowls. This is how she eats. Remind you of anyone....

DS just laughs and says I told ya so.


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Jun 14, 2008
N. IL.
That movie was sad and i rented it after my heart attack thinking it was going to be a funny family movie...oops...me and my dd's cried and cried and my heart literally hurt. I mean it really hurt to be sad.

and now about the pics of the above naughty dogs-plural---so cute.....and naughty.

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