Has anyone seen Marley and Me?take a look! Show UR bad doggie!

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  1. If you've seen Marley & Me, you might also want to catch the Dog Whisperer episode where Cesar visits the Marley & Me author, John Grogan, and his new lab, Gracie, who killed a couple of the family's chickens.

    Cesar and another trainer work with Gracie to de-sensitize her - really interesting episode.

    Cesar for president, as far as I'm concerned!!! [​IMG]
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    Jun 4, 2009
    Just about the time the book was out we got this cute little guy...


    unfortunately, i then read the book "Marley and Me" (which is really good!!) and became VERY afraid!!

    At 1-year-old he is 105 lb and 28" tall at the shoulder (exceeds breed standard by 25 lb and 4 ")


    He's afraid of thunder (we had two really bad storms during his first year when he was home alone with our 12-year-old dog) and now he sleeps between my SO's head and the headboard during every storm!!!!

    BUT he's sooooooo loveable!!!!!!!!!!!

    SO refuses to see the movie because he knows how it ends. His son has seen it and really liked the movie (not the ending though).
  3. This dog we were supposed to just be fostering from the shelter...its been a year and no one has said anything about picking her up...[​IMG] Oh well, we called he 'puppy' for so long that she came to the name and now we call her 'Guppy'. She eats the chickens and runs away so we have to keep her tied up. So far she knows how to sit [​IMG]

    THIS is why we volunteered to foster her.


    here she is now

  4. Awww, what a pretty girl!!! [​IMG]
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    I sooo love the boxer breed & with all of their naughtiness!! I have a 1/2 boxer/ 1/2 husky - she really took more of the boxer. Her antics as a youngster are just endless! I can relate to the beanbag chair - Daisy attacked ours in the living room of a small apartment! We were unable to keep her in acrate as a baby - she always escaped and destroyed toys, papers, bean bags :) When i would get home and find her smiling at me from the front door, I always hated to walk down the hall to the living room to see what she had done. My room mate and I use to argue over who would have to get home first to survey the damages. Her brother was always sitting in his crate when we got home.

    Daisy is 7 yrs old today and just an angel! She grew out of the baby stage at about 4 -5 yrs old.

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