Has anyone seen The Brothers Bloom?


10 Years
May 19, 2009
I watched it today but my DS came home from school and I wasn't paying attention to the end because he started telling me this "funny story" about how one of his teachers MAY be calling.
Apparently, someone threw something and it landing on the teacher and he was blamed--he had nothing to do with it----yeah, right.

Anyway, at the time, I didnt really care about the ending of the movie but now, I am sitting here wondering if it's worth it to watch it again or just take it back to the video store.

Has anyone seen the Brothers Bloom? what happened at the end?
I don't know at what point you stopped watching it but I will not tell you how it ended. I thought the last five minutes or so were not that good. They had some trouble finishing it. But the sequence working up to it was OK. If you could just fast forward to the last half hour or so, I'd do it. I probably would not watch the whole movie again just for the ending though, but it is not my type of movie.

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