Has anyone successfully hatched peachicks from shipped eggs?

I read that lots of people purchase eggs and chick and get them delivered. We sell hatching peacock eggs and peachicks. Fortunately we have enough local customers we don't have to agree to ship. Can't guarantee hatch rate since we have no control over the conditions for the eggs after they leave us.

We currently have an incubator full of peacock eggs, 7 peacock eggs under a broody hen, and 7 more under broody Muscovy ducks. The ones in the incubator I hand turn every day. Tip - before putting them in, I mark each egg with an X on one side and an O on the other. Makes it easier to keep track that they all got turned.

It is chaos in the incubator as soon as they start to hatch, as they are bashing around all the other eggs. Leave them only until they are dry, then move under a heat lamp. Have to keep rearranging remain eggs so none end up with their pip hole at the bottom.

We have chickens, ducks, and peacocks. Peachicks are by far the funniest. Had a lady pick up 2 peachicks yesterday. She came with sweet box lined with hay but no lid. I tried to tell her how high they can jump, and how fast they run even at a week old. She wouldn't get to the end of my lane before they were lose in the vehicle. Finally talked her into taking a box with the flaps closed.

Good luck and have fun.

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