Has anyone tried making an egg recipe post?

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    Hey All

    I am sure this has been done but I couldn't find anything so I will start it again?

    My favourite egg recipe is Pannekoeken!!!! So simple and uses 4 eggs in a batch [​IMG]

    Here it is for anyone who wants it:

    4 beautiful large eggs
    2 1/2 cups milk
    1 1/2 cups flour
    1/2 tsp salt
    Butter for the pan

    Place all ingredients into a blender (except for butter) and blend until well mixed: Heat a 8-9 inch frying pan until it is good and hot, add a small dab of butter and swirl around. Pour in 1/2c of the mixture and make sure it gets to the edges. Cook for about 2 minutes and flip. Cook for 1 more minute then remove from pan. Place on a plate making sure you put a piece of paper towel between each one.

    You can roll them up and dip them into syrup if you like or if you want to make a dinner out of them then make some kind of filling (like chicken a'la king) and put it inside and roll them.

    I also make a sweet version of these and add a tbsp of sugar and vanilla.

    Look for recipe's on the internet. There are tons out there and all are amazing.

    Hope you guys enjoy [​IMG] Hoping for more recipe's to show up!

    Edited to add: The chooks love them too [​IMG]
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    suppose I didn't look too hard did I [​IMG]

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