Has anyone used a rubbermaid shed for coop?

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    Feb 17, 2010
    Hello I am new to backyard chickens, we got our first girls in April and then three more in May. I have plans for a coop made from wood but I have a very nice 8x10 rubbermaid shed that we are not using so I was wondering if anyone had used one for a coop before? any ideas or stories would be greatly appreciated. Also this may sound dumb but what is a poop board? I have read many posts about them but am not sure what they are or what they exactly are used for.

    thanks everyone
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    Poop Board - Board under a roost that catches chicken poop while they are roosting/sleeping.
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    do a search in the coop/run section and you'll find several types of converted sheds & playhouses that have been made into adorable and quite serviceable coops. I think one of the main issues would be to make sure & add enough ventilation. Sounds like you have the makings of a nice coop! Congrats! [​IMG]

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    You will find lots of help in the coop threads if you do a search. You will want to put in windows/ventilation for sure.
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    In my opinion something like that would act as an oven, but I guess you could make it work [​IMG]
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    I use a rubbermaid shed for a coop. Mine is smaller than yours. Works great. It does not heat up the way you might think. That being said I'm in the Seattle area, and my coop is in the shade, mostly. I like the fact that it is spotlessly dry inside, and easy to clean. For pictures check out my BYC page.

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