Has anyone used Sweet PDZ instead of DE?

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May 7, 2008
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I have been looking for DE locally without luck. I have seen many web sites that have DE, but I am too cheep to pay the price of the shipping, which can be more than the cost of the DE. Yesterday I went into a local farm and garden store and found a product called Sweet PDZ. According to the label it will dry up moisture and keep the ammonia down in areas where livestock live. It even says that it can even be used for chickens. I purchased a 10 pound bag of Sweet PDZ for $5.39. I only have 4 chickens so I shouldn't need more than that. Iwould be interested in hearing from anyone who has used this product.


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Jan 25, 2008
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I use both, but the PDZ is excellent for drying up the run and taking the smell down. I use the DE inside the coop for mites, etc.

I also keep a good 1/2 to and inch in the bottom of my outside feed bins to keep the moisture off the food. I change it every time we muck the coop, about every 6 weeks.

I've used the PDZ since we got our birds, which is over a year, with no troubles.

Good luck-


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I've seen PDZ before, but never read the label. Is it a powder form, or pellets? I can't find DE either, so I'm searching for an alternative for this winter too. I think if it's powder form then it will work the same as DE, just maybe not effective against mites and such. Can't wait to see the opinions from others with more experience...


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Stall Dry is another good thing to use when you can't find food grade DE or PDZ, it has DE mixed in already... Most feedstores have it on hand and or will order it for you. I use Stall Dry in winter on the coop floors and under the roosts to help with moisture & smell which leaves my DE just to use in the nest boxes or in their feed for bugs!....

Stall Dry would be only used for floors and under roosts for moisture and smell......

DE is fairly cheap when you have to order it, it's the shipping costs that are out of this world!! That's why I use Stall Dry and keep my DE just for the feeds and bugs!! So if you buy a smaller bags to save on shipping costs keep it just for those purposes...


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Jan 18, 2008
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I use it. It is not exactly DE, but the ingredients are of the same nature. If you go to their web site it will explain.

It works great. I used it on my chickens for bug control a couple months ago and it has been great.


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Mar 20, 2008
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I use the PDZ inside, in the run and in their dustbath area. I really love it.

I have the same problem frinding DE...Every place I go into has no clue and they direct me to the garden area for the agriculture stuff. I ask if they can order food grade and they say it is the same thing.
So I just gave up. LOL

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Sep 11, 2008
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I asked my feed mill for the stall dry & they only had the Sweet PDZ.

I use PDZ for the goats areas as well as the chicken areas. I love the stuff! Have to check out the rebate too, I think I got a receipt.

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