Has my Cayuga been poisoned?

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  1. I've got twin Cayuga girls, Ebony and Jade, who are both extremely healthy and have been fine all day until now. While in the process of putting our flock to bed, I noticed that Ebony was slowly hobbling into the ducks' self-designated corner. Besides looking like a little old woman shuffling, her balance was terribly off (she kept almost falling backward), her tail was perpetually fanned out, she was unable to quack or eat, couldn't pull her wings in properly, and she trembled and shook pretty badly. One description I might use here is that she bore a striking resemblance to one of my indoor cats after a seizure-out of it and unable to control herself properly. There's also a possibility that she's blind. Anyway, I separated Ebony from the rest immediately, and I've noticed a few improvements in her condition. She's now able to drink, walk a little bit, and although she's still shivering, her wings and tail have returned to their normal positions. I even heard a small, weak quack while I was out there. Does anyone have a vague idea of what's going on without actually seeing her? I understand it's pretty difficult to do. Might I also add that back in December, my sweet barn cat suffered severe neurological problems very like these and had to be euthanized. He lost all control of his body, couldn't see, couldn't hear, was paralyzed, and screamed in pain every time he moved. Perhaps we should be checking out the property and barns for suspicious substances? Considering the former owner was very junky, we DID find a couple empty packages of rat poison in one of the barns a long time ago. Thank you for your input!

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  3. Thank you so much, @Amiga , for your advice. Yes, I'm familiar with flushes as I've done them before, so there'll be no trouble there. I've checked on Ebony this morning, and she's almost completely normal besides a few remaining minor tremors and a fanned out tail. Quacking, eating, drinking-all good signs. When do you think I'm safe to return her to the flock?


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