has my game hen gone broody??

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  1. [​IMG] hi I have a game hen who I have left eggs in the next box.. she has about 7-8 eggs in there.. last night I saw her in her next box which is wierd because she always sleep on the roost with the rooster... and today I moved the rooster and when I did she got up and after about 5 mins late I saw her again on the next box.. so has she gone broody... [​IMG]
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    She stays on her nest at night. Does she stay on the nest during the day? Does she protests when you get close or try to check under her? If so, yes, she is broody.
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    My broody growls and fluffs all her feathers when I walk in the coop. DH diddnt believe chickens could rowl, so I had to show him! [​IMG]
  4. well last night was the first night I notice her on the next and this morning though... she didnt try and protect her next but she did let me get real real close to her before she ran off.. I will check on her in a ouple of mins and let yall know if she is still on them
  5. well at 11 she was still on there so I guess she has decided to hatch them out
  6. Most game hens will run if you get to close to the eggs, however they will get rather pissy after about day 15. They will "cackle and even try to peck you. They will raise all their feathers and their tail to warn you.

    When they hatch out the chicks they will start this the MOMENT you walk in.
  7. ok thank you I thought I might had ran her off her eggs

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