Has my hen got Mycoplasma gallisepticum?


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Oct 3, 2010
I had a hen die a around 7 weeks ago, was very sudden. Only symptoms were a bit of gaping on the day it died and lethargicness/dosility.

Yesterday, I noticed my youngest hen being worringly dosile. I then noticed it had developed a lump near its eye, and that all the skin on that side of its face had become dry and coarse like a rash/severe eczema. I also noticed she had an extremely rattly chest and would splutter and cough regularly, as well as gape.

I cleaned the area with some boric acid based eye wash and rubbed the dry skin with vaseline then put it back outside. But by the time it went dark, and the other hends had gone into the coop the little one was no where to be seen. I found her hiding in a unusual sheltered corner which was worringly the exact same spot the last poorly hen chose to die!!

I grabbed her and brought her inside. Seemed very weak and on the verge of death. Left her in a large well ventilated box (indoors) overnight. She seemed to sleep well with occasional burst of choking sounds, I expected her not to be alive in the morning.

She did survive, but is still very weak and unwell. Im keeping her indoors for now as its pretty cold out. Just 1ºC but I cant keep her here for too long. At first I thought all the gaping meant gapeworms, thats what I thought the first hen died of. But I never found any evidence of it. Now this hen has a rash too, so it seems to be mycoplasma or something similar.

Treatment seems to be antibiotics like Tylan, but it is expensive and prescription only. I cant really afford a vet, but I considered it. I called around but none of them seem to treat birds/livestock. So I am stuck!

Is it possible for a hen to make it though an illness like this by simply staying indoors in the warm? Should I attempt to order Tylan illegally on the internet? Are there any herbal remedies?


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Jun 4, 2010
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Here is a link to a member who has dealt with this issue, from your description is kind of hard to tell what your hen has to be honest. so below I added two more links. I rather like the third link to be honest. I have not dealt with this so I cannot help you out much more than this. hope this helps some.





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Tylan is not prescription. Every feed store has it on hand.

Honestly, I would never treat respiratory illness (meaning, I would euthanize the bird), but I realize that's a hard reality to swallow. MG makes them carriers, if that is what she has. If it's a virus, antibiotics won't help anyway.


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May 15, 2009
You can buy Tylan Soluble (mix with water the easiest kind) on Amazon.com for $49.00 It is a lot of money but there is a lot of Tylan in that container. Can you split the cost with a neighbor or friend that has chickens too? The others are correct when they say that Tylan is sold at feed stores but some states are different.

Here in New Hampshire we can buy the antibiotics but not the syringes to administer them.

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