Has nyone ever used Solar Panels on their coop?


10 Years
Apr 3, 2009
I haven't built a chicken coop yet because my chicks are still small and I don't know how many I will end up with yet. I was thinking about putting in a fan or maybe an outlet so you could plug in a heater. I really can't mess with powerlines and such since my coop will be mobile. I was just wondering if anyone had ever used solar panels for their coop? If so, How do they work and were they easy to install?
i brought this up to my bf and he said it wouldnt be practical. too many big batteries and solar panels to run something like that.
We are considering it, our coop is fixed to a foundation by a pole line but getting it hooked up is spendy... We were told one panel would run a light and socket, we don't need a heater despite our frigid winter temps.

Where are you located that you would be needing a heater?
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It would take quite a few watts to run a heater. I wouldn't spring for a solar panel large enough and enough batteries to store the energy to run it. An electric heater is basically like a toaster, the wires heat up and radiate in to the room. Also, like a toaster, this uses quite a few watts of power. Not practical to run a heater off of a simple solar hook up. Now if you just want to run a light or two.....
A solar panel and 12 volt deep cycle battery will work well for a lot of things, except the heater. Like others have said, they draw a lot of power and would significantly increase the size and cost solar installation.
i've seen someone selling a solar panel kit for coops (here it is)...panel, battery etc. it's only enough to run a light bulb for 5-7 hours a day though. forget about trying to run a heater from it.

how far will your coop have to move from the nearest power source? mine has a removable power line so you can disconnect the line from the coop when you don't need the fan or heater (spring & autumn basically). interested?
They often have LED solar porch lights and the such at Costco this time of year- mine doesn't right now, but my mom's does. We got one last year, and it's perfect for the inside, but it stays on too long, since it's light activated (or dark activated, in this case).

I did see a solar attic fan there right now- runs $300.

We ran heavy exterior extension cords all over the yard for ours, hooked to a GFCI wired exterior outlet. It's been fine so far, and I ran a ceramic heat bulb all winter last year.
Thaks for all of the replies, I'm not sure if I will put one on my coop, But I was just thinking. Thanks for all of the great ideas
I have 2 big solar attic fans that I want to put on mine picked them up on craigs list they run about 500.00 each....Payed 40.00 each great deal just waiting to start my new coop...

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