Hastings, MN Public Hearing


10 Years
Jun 16, 2009
The City of Hastings is holding a public hearing this Monday, the 22nd of June to determine if they will allow chickens in residential districts!!

It all comes down to public support. If nobody speaks on behalf of it, they won't put their necks out there to pass it. Come to the meeting on Monday night to show support for the residential chickens.

City Hall 101 4th St E at 7:00 p.m.

If you can't come voice your support
[email protected]
Hastings, Minnesota in this case. We're on the edge of the Twin Cities area, so beyond us is mostly farmland.
We're one step closer to legalizing chickens in Hastings thanks to the planning commission and everyone that came to support it. Only 2 members voted against it.

As far as I know, here's what is next in the process:

Monday, July 20: The planning commission will meet and submit the proposed amendment to the city council.

Monday, August 3: The city council members and mayor will vote on the amendment.

Please attend the meetings if you can, and contact the council members asking them to support the amendment.

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