Hatch Buddies for October 19?? UPDATE!!! 2Pipping 1 HATCHED PICTURE!!!


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Aug 10, 2009
Denver, Illinois
Im am due to hatch frizzle cochins and Eastereggers!! On October 19th!!

I candled yesterday and 17 show Veins the others we are going to give some time before we take them out we are starting with 28!

10/18/09- 2 Pipping EE
1 frizzle HATCHED!

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Mine are due October 19th/20th. We lost our awesome roo last week, and we decided to try and hatch a few eggs from his favorite girls. They are just EE's, and some possible EE crosses. The awesome bycer who let me borrow an incubator also gave me 4 blue orpington bantams to throw in there. Hopefully all goes well. I've never hatched before.

I have a dozen of my BY mixes due the 18th. the roo is a sebrite and I have 2 sebrite hens, but there is a black cochin hen and 1 mutt hen also. The last egg I hatchhed from teh SB/cochin is the smallest chick. It is even smaller than my serama chicks that hatched 2 weeks after she did!
Well, I candled tonight for the first time ever.

Blue and Green eggs I couldn't see well thru, but they didn't look clear. Most of the brown eggs I could see some type of veins. Two of the brown eggs I saw more
One I saw eyes, and the other was moving.

I also have 4 blue orp bantam eggs, and it looks like maybe two have possible blood rings. I marked those and will keep an eye on them since I wasn't 100 percent positive.

So hopefully in a few days, I'll be able to see more in the others I wasn't sure on, but not bad for my first time

I am expecting hatchings on the 16th, 18, 19th, and 23rd so I'll be right there with you and I'll be locking down two bators. I saw veins and little heartbeats and movement a couple of days ago in chicken, duck, and goose eggs.

I have the opposite problem. I can see in the blue eggs just fine, but the brown are too dark for me.

Edited to Update: I just candled everyone and...Some of the brown eggs are developing. I can see shadows moving in some and others, I can sort of see the veins too. I had worried about them. I want them to hatch pretty badly so I can find out who laid them. lol (Just wait until I can see something in the Cuckoo Maran eggs. I'll be celebrating.)
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