Hatch day is.....today!


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7 Years
Mar 25, 2012
I am so excited. First time hatching ever and today is the day. Eggs were put in the bator 21 days ago around 7pm. This morning around 7am i had not seen any progress. But i am not giving up it is still early. Won't be home today until around 6pm so no telling what is going on right now. I bought a bator because my chickens would never go broody. Well yesterday one of my australorps decided it was time to start having babies lol. Are there any extra concerns i should have for her this time of year getting cold? How many eggs should i let her have? Thanks and wish me luck!


9 Years
Jul 17, 2012
Southern Minnesota
She should be able to hatch the eggs out just fine even with the cold weather. If you are actually going to give her eggs, I would say a good number is 8. Otherwise let her build her clutch and see how many she wants. A lot of my hens hatch out about 6 eggs, but I know some who have hatched 14. The more eggs, the more risk of them breaking and not being fully covered so I try to keep the numbers lower for a higher hatch rate. It's up too you. Good Luck, and hopefully you will have lots of little ones really soon!

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