Hatch newbie-need info on Brinsea Octagon Eco 20

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Hawkeye95, Nov 20, 2011.

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    Right now, this incubator is on sale for $109.99 (Brinsea Octagon Eco 20) Says it holds 24 eggs, but I doubt I'd ever fill it, I don't need anything too large, but I don't want to bother with anything too tiny, either. It has a fan... I'm okay with the Semi automatic-- which means you turn the incubator on it's side twice a day. It also says you can buy the automatic turner (later on if I ever wanted to). So what about this incubator? Anyone use them.. do you like it? Does it have issues? I'm a total newbie-- I've NEVER hatched.. ever. I need something dummy proof, but also CHEAP. This is right on my price range. Thoughts????

    Edited to add-- what about this: "10200 Little Giant Foam Incubator" $84.50 This is cheaper and has a fan also! Thoughts??
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    I have the Brinsea Octagon ECO and it is a champion, almost completely idiot proof! Great hatch rates, easy to adjust, has a fantastic thermometer that is spot on, easy to turn, easy to use for 2 eggs or 20, and I love it to pieces.

    Another bonus, SUPER EASY TO CLEAN, very durable too, strong material and works like a charm. My first hatch was a 100% hatch rate in mine!
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    It appears any problems with the Little Giant involves difficulty regulating the temperature. Lots of folks have posted about significant jumps in temperature with even very tiny adjustments.

    I once had a LG incubator as a backup with my exotic finches. Ended up giving it away.

    Many like the Brinsea products. I have 2 Mini Advanced incubators and find them very, very easy to use.

    There may be an additional sale coupon coming toward the end of November with the Brinsea company so you might want to wait a bit longer before ordering.

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    georgiagail: Where do you find the coupons?
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    Thanks! Also want to know where those coupons will be posted! [​IMG]

    BTW, what is a Mini Advanced? Is that the name brand of the incubator?
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    Quote:WOW! I couldn't hope for a better review! I definitely need idiot proof!! I have no idea what I'm doing! ha! [​IMG]
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    I love my Octagon 20 [​IMG] I have the advance ex model that does it all for you. Only drawback is that it is recommended that you use another incubator for hatching because it gets very tight in there when you have 24 chicks hatching [​IMG] I use my Genesis 1588 for hatching the chicks and this combo works great! I get 100% hatches with my own eggs. Don't be tempted to buy a cheaper incubator. You get what you pay for in the incubator world [​IMG]

    Have fun . . but beware . . you just may become a hatchaholic like the rest of us here on BYC! [​IMG]
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    For what it's worth, I have the Genesis 1588 and use it for all the way hatches. I purchased it through "Incubator Warehouse" . The cheapest I could find. I have only had to adjust the temp once in two years. Ezzy Pezzy. You do have to monitor the humidity though.

    I have read that the Octogon thingy is not something to finish hatch in.

    I also know that the LG and others like require more "skill" to hatch with.

    I do have an article on hatching from Practical Poultry magazine that I send by e-mail to anyone who requests it. I liked it so I made a copy to my computer to share with my BYC friends and enemies. [​IMG]

    Love ya

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    Quote:Oh, send me the email please! I'm going to need all the help I can get! [​IMG] Thanks!

    Okay-- I can't afford to buy TWO incubators! So I can incubate the eggs in the Brinsea... but I can't hatch in there??? So then, why would I buy a Brinsea? Is it possible to hatch in there if I don't fill it up? I was only thinking maybe around 10-12 eggs at a time. Sigh.

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