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  1. My great granddaughter wants a baby chick for Easter, and i won't agree to anyone in the family buying a colored one for her, (grandma gets very upset at some things) and they have almost learned to listen, can you hatch one egg under a lamp if you keep it warm and turned, I had rather her try that than someone in the family buy her a colored chick for Easter.
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    Chickens are social creatures. Raising one alone makes for a very bored, lonely chicken.

    If you know what you are doing you can use many methods to hatch a chick from an egg. However the chances of setting 1 egg and hatching 1 egg are low.

    For example I set 24 eggs and only 16 are developing but that doesn't mean all of those 16 will give me a chick.

    Some people do have 100% hatch rates others don't.

    You might have better luck asking locally and getting your great granddaughter 2 or 3 chicks from someone who raises them. They would be happier in a group of 3 than a single lone chick.

    Or build/buy an incubator and set your own clutch.

    You know you want too [​IMG]
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    I agree with missprissy. Try out craiglist in the farm&garden area or your local paper

    Maybe even a local feedstore
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    Assuming there is a plan for where the chick(s) will go when they are grown up -- will her parents help her keep the chickens? Will you take them? -- I'm totally with steve and missprissy, just get 2-3 chicks from the feed store. Not only will the chicks be happier but the odds of a terribly disappointed granddaughter are far far less (waaaaah! my egg died!).

    Good luck,

  5. any unwanted critters usually end up at grandma's house and i think my chickens would accept another as they are very happy now so don't know why they wouldn't DH says 12chickens are enough for us to take care of but he knows i can't say no to almost any animal(SNAKES & SPIDERS ARE DEFINATELY A NONO)I tried the co-op last spring when
    i was looking for my chicks, so know they don;t carry them, tried 4h, they had none neither, and none of my hens are broody. when my youngest son was about her age all he wanted was a bird, I kept telling him no i was working and couldn't take care of one, finally he wore me down and I told him if he took care of it he could have one. One day cleaning his room, i hear this chirp, chirp and opening a dresser drawer i found a chicken, when questioned about it,David said well mom you said i could have a bird, and i told him but its a chicken. all he said was it;s still a bird, that hen followed him like a dog, she would wait for him to get home from school and was a big part of our family for years, so i know one chick can be happy if loved.[​IMG]

    P>S>she doesn't see her father so the only man influence her life is her great grandfather, my DH, so we try the best we can
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