Hatched 11 mutt chicks-OEGB fathers-geneics questions

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  1. So I hatched 2 OEGB roo/golden sebrite hen chicks. One is a cockerel and one is a pullet. The cockerel has a single comb, like his daddy, and the pullet has a rose comb, like her mom. If there are Single Comb/Rose Comb mutts, can you sex them by their combs (if the dam has a RC and so does the chick, the the chick is a F, or if the sire has a SC and so does the chick then the chick is a M [?] )

    And I also hatched a Lakenvelder (LF) hen/OEGB roo chick (natural insemination!) and I was wondering how this chick will grow. Since it's half LF and half bantam, will it be a sort of half-size chicken? Or, since it came from a large Lakenvelder egg, will it be a large hen?
    I also hatched Yokohama/OEGB chicks and was wondering the same thing.

    Please reply!

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