hatched 12-17-08 has VERY full crop and wants to lay on her side??

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    I'm hoping this is nothing but thought I should check with you experts: one chick seemed to want to keep laying on her side this afternoon. Even when the others walked over the top of her: she just kept laying there.

    She was in the rowdy cage and someone had knocked the rabbit water bottle off the side so I was afraid it maybe hit her and broke something...when I picked her up I could see a huge bump which has to be her crop.

    It's way full. But not squishy/water ballon like one person mentioned on another thread for sour crop.

    I tried putting drops of oil on her beak...I think so far I've gotten about twenty drops in her. I'm massaging the crop every hour.

    She hasn't eaten or drunk since I brought her inside the house about 2, but has pooped once and looks like everyone elses...a brown wet blob.

    Her eyes are bright, she 'talks' and squawks when you pick her up. I'm worried she might have eaten the wood chip bedding?

    She's had free access to starter grit, is on organic starter (but first ten days was on medicated). I've got yogurt in there but she just walks in it and wipes her beak off when I dunk it in it: doesn't eat any.

    So...how long before the crop should go down if she's ok?

    And...I don't think I can operate on something that small. If I find a small syringe is it safe to try to flush it like someone had in another thread? Or is that only with adults?

    THANKS for any advice: I worry about these little girls just like they were human kids!

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    I'm worried she might have eaten the wood chip bedding?

    ...that is what I was thinking initially. How old is your chick and what are the temps.?
    Personally I would keep them on the medicated starter if this is chick only few weeks old... have seen too many cocci posts from those who have done what you have done...​
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    Thank you.

    She was hatched 12-17-08. Temps were probably in the mid 80's with several red heat lamps over the cages (but high, no one was panting or huddling). Put them back on medicated per your advice. Gave them more yogurt, too.

    I kept her in with two other chicks for company. It began to feel like the pieces were mushing up a little inside her crop about midnight, then I went to bed. She seemed the same about 5am.

    Went to work, and tried to find a place to buy a scalpel, couldn't find one.

    The only vet 1.5 hours away said it would be $600-800 to operate on the crop...I love her, but I don't have that kind of money. [​IMG]

    So came home and continued to massage her. She seemed more alert, and was able to stand upright. She even managed to crawl up my arm and nest under my hair, chirping.

    I kept putting the oil in as best as I can (she doesn't like it) and she FINALLY pooped this huge oily thing that looked like sawdust.

    So. She's in with paper towels only and I actually saw her eat and take a sip just now. Her crop is about one third smaller.

    I'm hopeful...

    And I took the chips out of the one cage and now everyone is bedded on sand except the house chickens.

    Thanks for your help! And God help us if we need to take chickens to a vet...that's insane, what they charge! [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Hello..I've had this happen as well...a few drops of oil every couple hours...no food---you want her crop to be completely empty and wait until she has passed everything. Seperate her with just water. I massage the crop with a downward stroke right after I administer the oil...it helps break up the mass and gets things lubricated and moving right along...no need to rush to the vet quite yet...that can be pricey and unnecessary...
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    Oh, no food? I thought that her appetite coming back was good but I just got an email from Doctor Peter Brown (someone on another thread recommended him at firststatevetsupply.com) and he totally said the same thing.

    Seperating her with just vitamin water right now...poor little thing. When she couldn't stand upright I thought sure she was going to die.

    I hope she makes it as she is so cute and coos like a pigeon when she's nesting under my hair.
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    Geez, I hope your little chick can make a full recovery. TLC goes a long way for them. [​IMG]
    I think that vet should be ashamed......

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