Hatched 4, 2 are roosters (15.5 weeks)...will one need to be re-homed?

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    I hatched 4 Partridge Chanteclers, 2 have turned out to be roosters. They are 15.5 weeks old now. Due to the lack of combs wattles, and spurs it wasn't clear these 2 were roosters until 2 weeks ago. There was a significant change in feathering and of course the crowing began! Well, the dominant rooster crows, but we have as yet to hear from the submissive one.

    I am seeking advice on the hen/rooster ratio. So far, one of the roosters is dominant and the other is submissive to the dominant one. My concerns are:

    Will these 2 begin fighting or will they stay in their peck order?

    Is it fair to the 2 hens to have 2 roosters?

    Should I let more time pass and continue to monitor them for any significant change in behaviour?

    All 4 reside in a chicken ark with 64 square feet of added run space. They sleep on the roost bar, and all still pile up together for naps and/or sunbathing etc.

    Any advice is appreciated, thank you.
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    Even one rooster is probably too many with only two hens. The hens won't get much peace. Whether the roosters fight each other or not is up to the individual roosters. I have two roos, they get along much as you described, but they have 16 hens between them. The only reason I keep both is because they each have their own qualities, one is good for protecting the flock and the other is good about feeding them.
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    I thought that our roo that crowed 1st was more mature and dominant, so did dh. Then the other began to crow and is definatley top dog. The smaller, Chuck, flys out every morning to the big pen or he gets ponced on. Buck will tolerate him for a while then he runs him down. They have 29 hens between them and a rather large area, about 2 acres all together, to roam so I didn't think it would be a problem. . I'm waiting to see what happens as it get colder and they stay in/near the coop more. I think 2 roos to 2 hens is too much, but if they have a mild personality you might be able to pull it off.


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    I am concerned for the hens. My husband has said we could build another ark and house the roosters separately.

    Originally I started with 42 eggs in the bator, but only these 4 successfully hatched. It took great efforts to obtain the Partridge Chantecler eggs. At first I hadn't thought of keeping a rooster, however after researching the Chantecler history, and finding it on Canada's Rare Breeds list, I became fascinated with the breed.

    Now that I have these roosters, the option of fertilized eggs and expanding my flock has been on my mind. I would have liked to have 6 hens for my own flock. Perhaps 1 rooster to 6 hens would be okay?

    I am torn with getting through this winter until the spring when I may hatch more eggs (my original source of eggs is going to replace the 38 eggs which didn't hatch. She has also introduced a different genetic rooster this fall, so this coming spring's eggs would be different from my current 4).

    A friend and I took on this task together. She has 6 Red Sussex hens now and after our low hatching with the Partridge Chants, she hatched 2 White Chantecler eggs in the summer. There is a possibility that 1 of her 2 White Chants is a rooster.

    Long story (moderately short!)....she may be interested in homing one of my roosters. She is able to let her flock free-range on 1 acre. Maybe this would be best for one of my guys? Then, come spring, I could introduce 4 more hens to my remaining rooster and 2 hens? Could I get through the winter without the one rooster harassing the 2 hens too much?

    Thank you again for any help.
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    Maybe for the meantime... since you have a friend involved... since you will eventually hatch more, and want to breed.... you should get another kind of hen.... maybe 10-20 more for the mean time to keep the roos under control until your next set of eggs is hatched and mature. Then get rid of the other hens (something your friend would want, or you could sell at layer prices). Then the ratio will be fair to have the roos.

    Then next summer you'll have your entire flock back to Chantecler only birds. It might help buy you time at least.

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    I only have an ark, no room for 10-20 chickens I'm afraid. My friend will most likely take the one rooster. I'm just hoping the 2 hens won't be pestered too much through the winter and early spring, until I can add more hens.(?)
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    Okay, it's no problem for my friend to take one of the roosters. However.....I have just finished reading all posts I could find on here for introducing roosters to an established flock of hens.......... [​IMG] !!

    My friend has 6 Red Sussex hens who were all raised together, no rooster present. They are the same age as my rooster (15.5 weeks). Hers free-range, while my guy has been in a secure run. Am I going to be putting this poor fella through hell?

    I am terrible concerned about doing the right thing!! I hatched these 4 and they have always been together in the ark and run....and hand raised....and yes....spoiled. They are treated as pets.

    I don't want 2 roosters to be too much for 2 hens, but I really don't want to put one of the roosters through hell introducing him to this flock of 6 unknown hens!! Will they pick on him? He is the more submissive rooster, but I don't know how he'll behave with a new residence and suddenly 6 new hens!
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    Hi, I would quit worrying so much. I'm sure there will be some adjustment for your roo, but it will be fine. He's a guy with 6 girls on an acre.
    As for your roo and 2 hens, I wouldn't worry about that either. If he is dating them too often, and you see feathers worn on her back, you can use duct tape or get them chicken saddles. I don't think that the "act" is going to wear any thing out except feathers, the act is over in like 5 seconds.
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    I know, I'm worrying and fretting too much. I suppose I'm just attached to them and feel responsible. Everything I have read so far does state that 2 roosters is too many for 2 hens. Being as I can't change that until next summer, I will move the one to my friends.

    I think I just haven't seen the fully mature behaviour yet from the two boys. At 15.5 weeks, I'd guess it's only just beginning? I would hate for fighting to develop between the two in the middle of winter.....at least if I re-home the one at my friends now....there's still lots of time for him to roam the yard and explore the grasses.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my uncertainties! I do appreciate it.

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