Hatched A Baby Chick In Distress


10 Years
Feb 16, 2009
After peeling away at the shell trying to help the chick hatch, the momma moved the egg out of the nest. When I found it, it was getting cold and had not broken through the white membrane. Very carefully I peeled away tiny bits. It bled in two spots and at the point I covered the membrane in a warm, damp paper towel until it was ready. If you must help one, stop right away if you see blood and wait a bit. It's important not to let the membrane dry out. Also, it's important for the chick to get an air hole at the beak. I don't recommend helping, but there is no way this chick would have broken loose from the shell. This process took about two hours. Once the chick was dry and rested under a heat lamp, I returned him to his momma. He's doing well.

That's great!! Glad it all worked out!!

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