hatched cockatiel!!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by bunnibird55, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Just on a whim, when my female cockatiel was laying eggs, I took several of them off the floor where she laid them and stuck them in the incubator where I had guinea and duck eggs. Well, the guinea and duck eggs are just going into lockdown and one of my little tiels HATCHED! I now have it in a tiny brooder, actually a small critter keeper, on an animal heating mat and I am going to be getting up every two hours to feed this little guy! I used to raise tiels, but the parents fed them for the first two weeks, then I pulled them to hand feed them. I have never fed one from the very start, but he already has the pumping action with his little baby spoon! My DH thinks I am crazy since I have a full time job in an office and I will have to smuggle him in with me so I can keep him on the two hour feeding schedule for the first week! Has anyone ever fed a day one parrot????? Wish me luck!
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    Wow! Good luck and congratulations! Pictures? I'd love to see this baby!
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    Quote:no but i do hand feed finches from day one.
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    Quote:Me too! Can u post a pic?

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