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    My daughter's gorgeous brown red modern hen"Argentina" has always layed eggs regularly. We got her a very handsome rooster at the Fresno chicken show and they got along just great. A few weeks ago she layed a clutch of eggs. We incubated a few and we let her be broody for a bit. Nothing really came of it. We kept collecting eggs regularly and just used them here and there with no intention of hatching them out. Well, about three weeks ago she layed another clutch of eggs and became broody again. (unusual for my moderns!) So we thought that we'd let her sit for awhile. Guess what? She hatched out two of the most adorable long legged babies ever!! No way! now she is in her pen being domestic with her man and her two little twirps!! It is the sweetest thing!! Does anyone have any tips on hen raised babies? Is there anything to do for them? I am used to having my chicks in the brooder! this is fun!
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    Congratulations... Nature does a great job doesn't it?
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    I am in the same boat, my hen's adopted eggs are pipping right now. All I do is put water out with rocks in it so the chicks don't drown, and some food for the hen and she takes over. Congratulations:thumbsup

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