Hatched Polish chicks very skiddish?

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    Aug 11, 2011
    Has anyone else found that Polish hatchlings are more skiddish then other breeds? So far we have hatched bantam Cochin, Houdan, Japanese, LF Cochin and these Polish. The Polish are from our own two Silver Laced who are super laid back and sweet birds. The four hatchlings we have so far are super skiddish though, to the point were they will run into the walls of the brooder. Even in the hatcher they are skiddish, last night one hatched and I went past the hatcher while it was still in there drying the lil thing ran from one side to the other and smacked into the side of the hatcher.

    I was just curious if I have really spaztastic birds or if this is common for Polish.

    Eta: The two older 3 wks and 2 wks chicks we handle daily and they still will run around the brooder into the walls when we first go near them even if we are just feeding them. Once we pick them up they are fine normal chicks.
    Heres the two older ones sitting on my daughters laptop while she chatted with friends.
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