*Hatched w/ pix!!* Set eggs 10/16


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Jan 11, 2010
My neighbor has one female pekin and two males. She doesn't eat the eggs and just throws them out (won't even let the dogs eat them:confused:). Well she is going to save some and give them to me to incubate. I'm going to borrow her bator or another friends, they are both the typical styrofoam still airs I think. Soo I've never really incubated anything before so I pretty much need to know everything. I mean I've read alot on it on here but mostly need a step by step , what to do with the eggs before incubation (they will be collected one by one every day, how many can I get this way before they go bad?), what is the exact temps and humidity each day, how to hand turn, and anything else that might help a first timer. Also it's been cool out (50s at night) and she lays her egg on concrete, being chilled like that, will it affect the viability of the eggs drasticly? Thanks for any input, I'm super excited.
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Any help here? I tried a search and came up with alot of chicken hatching and no really clear instructions. I got the incubator today, its a little giant still air incubator. I cleaned it up (it was in a garage and covered in dirt) and right now am testing it to see if it will hold a steady temp. I need to get a hygrometer before I start, whats a good one to get and were should I get it at? Also how do I go about turning the eggs, won't the bator cool when the lid comes off? Thanks
I used the styrofoam type incubator, and bought a reptile hygrometer/thermometer 2 pack deal from PetSmart. I hand turned mine 3-5 times a day very quickly (but carefully) and had a great hatch. I did watch the incubator like a hawk though since it was my first time.
You're going to have sooo much fun!!

I don't think the 50 degree temps are a problem. I live in MI so the mornings are pretty chilly and I gathered my eggs for about a week and just left them out on the counter. I had a HovaBator Genesis so it keeps the temps pretty constant for me at 99-100 degrees. I had my humidity at about 50% and then for lockdown I went up to 80% with a 75% hatch rate.


This is Willy!! I'm not sure if Willy is a male or female, but it just looks like a Willy. I like ducklings SO much more than chicks!! They're so much more cuddly!
the eggs will be fine...you can collect up to a dozen as the is what nature does and keep them in the cool around 55F. turn the eggs as well when storing.

Keep the temp at the top level of the eggs at around 100F when incubating and hand turn seems to give better result, 3 times a day turn from points end, candle at day 4 to check for viability. start misting at day 10 once a day using warm water. Rotate the eggs position around in the incubator to achieve more even hatching time. if you a re not incubating many eggs in the incubator, place a bottle or two of water to serve as heat reserve when you open to check so that it will return to temperature faster and it won't tend to flux as much. stop turning on day 25 and increase humidity to 75%. candle for the last time before lock down just in case they are hatching early like mine.

This is what I have been doing this time and all developing eggs have pretty much hatched...still got a few more to go...

this is what you can look forward to...they just hatched today.

all the best and have fun.
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Yalls pictures want me to have the little duckies now! I can't wait till they are set, and I can't wait even more for them to be hatched.
I am having alot of trouble with keeping the temp constant, still fooling with it, I might have to go borrow another incubator from another friend. So I read somewhere that I should put the eggs in a carton pointy side down and tilt it from side to side a few times a day until I have enough to incubate. Is it okay just to have them sitting somewhere or do they really need to be rotated?
turning them once a day when storing will be sufficient. egg carton works well by putting some thick under one side and just swap side once a day does the trick.

The temp will flux as long it is within +- 2F around 100F. Keep the incubator in a cool room where room temperature doesn't change too much.
I think I've got the temp almost under control. What I ment by fluctuating was +- 20-30 degrees. I'm getting the hygrometer tomorrow.
I'm setting the eggs this afternoon! I actually forgot the hygrometer but am getting one as soon as possible, for now I'm just filling the water trays and hoping it is okay. I'm putting a few chicken eggs in with them just because. I know humidity is different but you never know, the more eggs in there the more likely somethin will hatch. I'm just hoping at least 2 hatch and not just one or none. Any last minute things I should know? I've got bator running at 99* F and am planning on turning the eggs 3x a day, as soon as I get the hygrometer I will try and keep 50% humidity and then 70-80% for the last 4 days, and I'll mist duck eggs 1x day after day 10. One question, do chicken eggs hatch sooner than ducks? I think I saw 21 days for them? So would I stop turning them sooner, then they will be finished before I need to up the humidity.

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