Hatcheries in the uk ?

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    Dec 16, 2012
    well i am just so stressed out i just can't hatch eggs :( the past two hatchies i have put 24 eggs in and only 2 have hatched i really don't know what im doing wrong :( i set my eggs candle them 7, 14 & 18 days and mark the air sack then day all through the incubation i have the temp at 37.5 degrees celcius and 55% humid the day 18 i stop turning and rase the humid to 65% and yet still the hatch rate is rubbish!! so i decided ill let the saddenes die down for a few monthes and just look for a hatchery but i can't find one :( can anyone help ?!? i have even tryed to see if any america hatcheries will deliver but none :( thanks.

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