Hatcheries in Western PA, Eastern OH, or Northern WV?


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May 25, 2019
Hi, everyone!

Any recommended hatcheries in Western PA, Eastern OH, or Northern WV? I live right on the border of all three states and am interested in acquiring some chicks/chickens in the near future.
The closest hatchery I can see to you is Mt Healthy Hatchery in Ohio. There are not that many hatcheries that sell chicks. I live in Montana and get my chicks from a hatchery in Iowa.
Eastern Ohio has Meyer hatchery in the Cleveland area.

A little further west and south is Eagle Nest Hatchery, to the west of Mansfield.

Mt Healthy hatchery is quite far from you in the Cincinnati area.

Good luck
@emilieseggs, just FYI Meyer hatchery sells their extra chicks for $2 each in their farm store. They hatch and ship on Mondays as I recall, so starting on Monday, maybe Tuesday, there will be lots of chicks, including rare breeds and bantams. They will not help you ID them, but they do have a chick guide online for this purpose. They are all supposed to be females, but of course sexing errors occur. Last year we happened to pick out a white chick along with 6 other various ones. The white chick turned out to be a white Legbar, that they sell for $55 per chick, so a bargain at the $2 we paid! Their farm store is large and carries many essentials and fun items too.

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