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    Is there a list of hatcheries on here somewhere that includes recommendations?

    I'd like to order a variety of chicks this spring and would like to find a good hatchery. I googled and found what I guess are four big ones: McMurray, Cackle, Ideal, and Welp. What are your experiences? Is there one I should avoid?

    I'm in central Texas, so freezing chicks isn't a concern.

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    I like the variety offered by Welp, but their prices are higher. I appreciate the remarks on the list.
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    Jul 15, 2009
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    I ordered from Welp and received my chicks about 4-5 days later, arriving Dec. 18th. They are 4 weeks old now. They are healthy and happy and beautiful. I love Welp. Keep in mind, the prices might be higher, but it includes shipping. Plus they do have quite the selection and they seem to have great customer service. This is my only hatchery experience though, so I have nothing to compare them to.
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    I ordered from Welp as well. Although looking at their website, it looks more expensive, having the price of shipping included in each chick made calculating the individual amounts easy for my group order. Since we wanted a number of different specific varieties in the order, it was cheaper with Welp than the hatcheries with different pricing structures.
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    Thanks! That's the kind of information I wanted. I've been leaning toward Welp just because of the variety they offer. It's good to hear your positive experiences.
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    Jan 9, 2010
    Hello. If you are wanting egg layers, Hoovers hatchery is th ebest. Very good prices and good customer service. They have alot of egg layers. They don't have anythingelse though so i don't if you were wanting something else. Thank you Dusty
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    i lean towrd local breeders they are the best but if there are none around...do some reasearce on how the mother hens are treated at the hatchery you chose form and if they caim they thake good care and have pics if happy hens you got your hatchery! [​IMG]
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    Dec 1, 2009
    I ordered ducks and chickens from Ideal, and they ship to most or all of Texas for free(some other states, too). Their prices are good, and I am very pleased with my birds. They sent 1 extra duck and 8 extra chickens(I ordered 25 ducks and 75 chickens). One chick was dead. All the rest were fine, and they were shipped in the freaky cold we had a while back. I was so pleased, I have 25 pullets coming this week from them.

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    I'm getting my chicks from Ideal. I live in the dallas area and I didn't want them to be shipped very far so I chose them. Plus they don't have a minimum chicks count, but you have to spend a minimum of 25$. I probably won't be much help though, I haven't gotten my chicks from them yet. They should be in around the 3rd though!

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