hatchers hatcherers..... who's expecting peeps on septembre 24th or so... :)


9 Years
Jun 22, 2012
Hi all.... I set 9 hopefully fertile eggs under my broody in the profile pic..... yes she went broody again even late in the year.... she started laying again while her lone surviving chick from a predator attack was still following her.. she was laying outside the coop between vegetation..... and her 10 weeks old stayed with her wherever she went... she chased him off for a few days and ignored him a bit... then she started caring for him again even though he was nearly as big as her and scratching around hor him and protecting him.... then she went broody in her laying spot a few days ago... I was considering the idea of giving her eggs or not... and a couple of days ago I decided I'd love some more chicks and young pullets to lay next year.... so I hidden her last egg before going broody and an egg from my other laying hen (the others are old and only lay in spring) today I collected another egg from the laying hen.... but couldn't wait longer to set her.... so I went to our old lady neighbor.... she didn't have any eggs... (chickens here stop laying in molting season and in colder weather. ... and we're like that now) so I went to another lady and she topd me she only have 4... and they need them for food consumption... but she loves me and told me to wait and she'll check if she has any in the coop... and she came back with six eggs... I wanted to give her money sooo bad... but she didn't accept in anyway... I was happy I got the eggs I needed... so I put them in a special nest box for broodies and got my broody and showed her the eggs.. she was soo excited she has eggs.... but she didn't sit for long because she wanted to stay in her spot wich is dangerous for her and the eggs... so I put the box in her spot and she instantly covered them properly and was soo happy... at dawn I replaced her with the box to the coop and she didn't like it first but kept brooding them and setteled as this was her old brooding spot too.... hopefully tomorrow she won't get off the nest.... fingers crossed for her...
Sorry for the long story but I was soooo excited and wanted to share it with you... and I took some huge fresh mangoes for the nice old lady from our mango tree.... hope some of you guys have a hatch date that is near mine.....
Thanks again for reading...
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I have 5 silkie eggs due in 2 days
I also have 6 rouens and 3 Muscovies due in 4 days.
And I have 10 pekin,frizzle,wyandottes due in 11
I also have a question for u. Can I take my week old chicks away from mum at 5 or 6 weeks?
At six weeks old they can do fine alone.... actually some mommies decide to leave the babies to be independent as early as 6 weeks old... but I would let her decide when... and it's better to leave them until 8 weeks... good luck with your hatch... need pics....
It's a bantam mutt... but I love her to bits.... she's an excellent momy and great layer.....
Can anyone please give me his phone number.... so I can send him/her my pics via whatsapp.... because my friends over the forum always tell me to post pics.... but I can't post using my phone... because on phones u can't pick the photos from the gallery.... only on thr profile picture u can pick from gallery.... so can someone help me and post my pics her for me.... that will be very appreciated.... if anyone would help.... that's my phone number: +96171268943.... and u can pm me for ur phone number if you wish.... thanks all.... you're all great... :)
Ahh got it that's why I can't post pics will have go new sim and fire up the laptop. Tucked it away when upgraded phone. Xbred bantys are cool they are great moms. How big is your flock? I have alot they different breeds tho.
ive got eggs hatchong all month..i hope anyway.. so far my last hatch day of the 23rd

hopefully by wendsday i'll have fuzzy butts to watch while i wait for the others...
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Ahh got it that's why I can't post pics will have go new sim and fire up the laptop. Tucked it away when upgraded phone. Xbred bantys are cool they are great moms. How big is your flock? I have alot they different breeds tho.

My flock this year is down to 6 hens... 1 roo.... one 10 weeks old pullet... one 10 weeks old roo... one 7 weeks old roo.... we used to have 40+ birds... but due to disease that infected widely the whole area.... we lost them... rare are the ones that survived... even with expert's medication... and I have a French white muscovy duck and some pigeons.... hope to increase my flocks number with more hatches... ;);)

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