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    I read that some people move there eggs from one incubator to another as they pip? (or at least I think that is what they meant).

    So what is the difference between a incubator and a hatcher?
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    Never open a bator when the eggs are pipping.

    Sometimes eggs will be set by an experienced hatcher that have 2 different hatch dates. When the day comes that the eggs are stopped turning and humidity boosted for the older eggs in order to protect the eggs not ready to hatch the eggs will be placed in a second incubator used for hatching. An incubator can be a hatcher with the full cycle taking place inside one unit.
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    A hatcher is just another name for a second incubator...some people stagger their hatches in the first bator and when day 18 comes along for the first set they stop turning them and move them over into the "hatcher"..this is because the humidity needs to be increased and its not good for the second batch of eggs in the first incubator..Some like to keep the first incubator alot cleaner and use the second if their hatches are messy...I personally don't stagger my hatches so I only use one incubator for one set of hatching eggs...Hope this helped...
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    That was exactly the answer I was looking for. Thank you so much for your quick response.

    I have 18 crele pendesenca eggs in one incubator and placing 18 wheaton penedesenca in the second incubator tomorrow.

    Hatch date for the crele is 5/9. wheaton 5/11.

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