"Hatchery Choice" Egg Layers - Breed Guesses


Jun 3, 2021
Columbus, GA
Alrighty!! thanks everybody for your help. unfortunately we've lost four in total now. all appeared to be EE's except one almost solid black one i didn't picture because i knew they wouldn't make it. Shipping was rough on them. I've mixed up some sugar water for those remaining and they're all perking up now, though.
So looks like the counts are:
2 wyandottes
3 suspected leghorns
4 easter eggers
and 2 of what might be those sapphire gem things? Not sure, they're a kind of blue-gray with a darker triangle on their backs. They don't look like the rest. But i'm excited to see what they grow into :D


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Jul 30, 2020
we lost one while i was gone :/ it looked like they got crushed, so i moved the heat lamp down.
but for the others, i’ve got pictures!! :D sorry for some of them, they didn’t like getting their portraits done…
Color Way #1: View attachment 2903293 View attachment 2903313

Color Way #2:
View attachment 2903316
Color Way #3:
View attachment 2903292
Color Way #4:
View attachment 2903310
Color Way #5:
View attachment 2903312
Can't see #1.

#2 looks like a buff orp.
#3 wyandotte.
#4+#5 are EEs.

They are all too cute.


May 24, 2020
howdy!! this morning we picked up my order of chicks from the post office, along with my order of ducklings. They were a day late and a bit dehydrated, but otherwise active and healthy. We know the sexes and breeds of the ducklings because the hatchery (Metzer Farms, cannot recommend them enough!!) listed them on a slip even though i just ordered mixed ducklings, but we're not totally sure about the chicks. I'm not gonna lie, I've only ever had waterfowl before, so I don't know much about chicken breeds, but they all look the same to me at this stage...
A friend suggested that the majority might be Easter Eggers or Ameraucanas, but they weren't sure. I'm pretty sure that two of them are Silver Laced Wyandottes, but that's about it. Ordered the "Hatchery Choice" Egg Layers from Hoover's Hatchery, if that gives you any ideas.
View attachment 2902592
I see SLW and EEs!

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