hatchery Cuckoo Marans hens, 13 months old - Kansas City, Missouri

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    I have seven Cuckoo Marans hens. They were purchased from McMurray Hatchery as day old chicks. They are 13 months old. $10 each or $50 for all seven. I'm just not fond of their color or cuckoo pattern and need to make room for the new breeds I'm trying this year. All my adult chickens are together so I don't know which breed is laying which eggs. None of them are as dark as I would expect Marans eggs to be.

    Pick up only, 30 minutes north of Kansas City, Missouri. I am not NPIP.



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    I am wondering if you still have the 13 month old hens I am interested in them. I am interested in hatching eggs that is if you sell them. My son is doing a school project in which I offered the teacher fertilized eggs. Well my daughter dog got to of the pen and killed 90 percent of our chickens which the two roosters where in the mixed of it all. I will pay for them if you have some. I can come and pick them up because you are not to far from us. We live about thirty minutes away from KC.up around the Leavwenworh ks area

    I will be patiently awaiting for your reply,
    Thank you
    Beck Gildner

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