Hatchery in Bay area to run in ovo sexing experiments?

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    Apr 24, 2018
    Hi all,

    I am new to this blog but obsessed about chickens for the past month or so, specially with all the in ovo sexing discussions. My obsession came when I read what happens to day old male chickens in hatcheries and I think is something the should be stopped. I know there are some companies looking at some solutions of in ovo sexing but none of them are able to find an easy solution.

    So I decided that in my spare time I would try to find a solution for this, I might not be successful but at least I want to try. There are several techniques that people claim they work and I want to try them using the assistance of technology :)

    Of course to do all the research I need eggs (and lots of them) unfortunately as I live in the Bay area I have no space to have chickens and eggs in my backyard but I wanted to throw it out there to the community and see if someone can point me to a hatchery or if there is anyone in the forum that is interested in allowing me to run the experiments. I think a hatchery will be the best place as I think lots and lots of eggs, trial and error will be needed.

    Still a lot of unknowns but wanted to see if there is anyone here in the area :)

    Thanks in advance for the help and sorry for the huuuuge post!

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