Hatchery near Santa Monica?


7 Years
Apr 13, 2012
I want some new chicks and I looked on my pet chicken. Most of the breeds that I want are taken and I live in Venice, CA. So, does anybody know about a hatchery that is in that area? Please reply.
You may want to try the breed sections on BYC for the breeds you are interested in. Odds are, you will find breeders near you, within a couple of hours, working with the breeds you want. If you talk to those breeders, they can let you know the next time they are going to do a hatch.
Hello! I live in mid town LA, not too far from you. If you want to find someone really close to you it is going to take some patience to get the exact breed and coloring you may be looking for. Check craigslist everyday and join up with the groups in the local sections of this site.

Most of the bigger breeders in this area are in Norco or Temecula, some in like North Ventura, Santa Clarita, etc. It's a bit of a drive. There is one guy on craigslist who lives in Lompac who does monthly -ish deliveries to the LA area. He will list all his available birds and you can sign up and get them dropped off at your house. It is not as cheap but if you don't want to drive, it's an option. I bought a frizzle from him and have been very happy with her. (he was also willing to let me come check out his place if I wanted to drive up there, which made me feel a little better)

There are small local people around. I just bought a chick from a woman in Bel Air, but those smaller people are not going to have chicks available regularly so you just have to keep an eye out.

If you know what you are looking for PM me and I might have some suggestions.

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