Hatchery quality birds

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  1. stephanie1992

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    i see alot of people writting its hatchery quality. is that not good? or whats it mean?
  2. KrisH

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    I believe it means "pet quality" as opposed to SQ = Show quality. Hatcheries produce Mass quantities of specific breed, without being extremely concerned about breed standards and trying to improve upon standards with each generation produced. ie body type, feathering, color, head shape, leg color, etc.
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    Feb 5, 2010
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    Hatcheries breed for economical traits, such as hardiness and high egg production. They do not strive for the APA SOP (American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection). Most private breeders do. So Hatchery birds commonly have faults in their appearance, such as imperfect color and markings, slender body type (for dual purpose breeds), comb with too many or too few points, wrong leg color for the breed, etc.

    Basically, a bird that is "hatchery quality" would not do well at a show.
  4. Illia

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    Ditto to above. (except the hardiness part)

    Hatcheries breed for quantity and profit, thus, as long as a blurry general image of the breed and/or color is there, that's what counts. The only things really taken for consideration besides production is broodiness. It's something quite heavily bred out.
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  5. minister man

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    Sep 9, 2010
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    Hatchery quality birds are good, if thier job is eggs, and looking pretty, though. Right?
  6. Redcatcher

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    Agreed. You CAN get a top notch show bird from a hatchery but the odds of it would be like winning the lottery. Most freshen their breeding stock with some really good birds every few years. Many years ago I got a Buttercup pullet from McMurray's that was undefeated at large poultry shows. She had the nicest crown centered right in the middle of her head. The judges raved but she had to beat the Leghorns and Andalusians for a championship and it just never happened. You wouldn't find a better Buttercup though.
  7. stephanie1992

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    i got hatchery birds many times and i show them. ive gotten first on many of them. so i guess it just depends on the birds u get

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