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    Here are a few cheap assortments I found if your not particular on what you want


    Sand hill Preservation - http://www.sandhillpreservation.com/catalog/poultry_assortments.html

    Assortment: $20.00 plus shipping. Use shipping rate for 25 chicks (equivalent)
    Mystery Assortment: $15.00 plus shipping. Use shipping rate for 25 chicks (equivalent)
    Hatch Special: Assortment of chicks, guineas, bantams, (and maybe turkeys) - 25 for $30.00.

    Bantam Special: 25 for $32.00 (Limit 25 this year.)

    Chicken Special: 25 for $22.50; 50 for $42.00.

    Duck Special: 15 for $22.50 (Starts in August.)


    Cackle Hatchery- http://www.cacklehatchery.com/page10.html

    Special Hatchery Choice 25


    Frypan Special Hatchery Choice 50


    Frypan Special Hatchery Choice 100

    31.95 + Five free Exotic chicks or 3 free ducks with every 100!


    Ideal has good weekly specials - https://secuservices.com/ideal/newideal/Products.aspx?Category=Weekly%20Special

    Surprise Special or If you would like to order 25 of a specific breed, you may choose one of the following and note it in the comment section of the order blank: Black Sex Links, Rhode Island Reds, Production Reds or Barred Rocks.

    Pullet -$1.30 if you order 25 +
    St Run - .99 if you order 25+

    January Bantam Special
    St Run

    Get your Bantam Special now. Bantam Special is the hatchery's choice of Pure Bred Bantams, which have not been sold as specific breed bantams and have not been used in other assortments. Minimum order is 25. If you would like to order a specific breed the cost would be $1.24 and the minimum order would remain at 25

    .99 if you order 25+

    Hatchery Choice Duck Special 0r mallard or Pekin
    St Run - min of 20


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    May 23, 2008
    thank you for posting these i'll check out sandhill!!
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    SE Washington
    Holderread's prices on bargain ducklings and goslings aren't bad and the bird quality is still high.

    I also noticed sandhill's specials. If I weren't trying to concentrate on a couple breeds I would be on it like butter on rye.

    As it is, I am trying to decide where to get my meaties this summer and so far Central Hatchery has the lowest price (by FAR) and the reviews are decent.

    I think it's a minimum of 100 chicks at .60 apiece.

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