Hatchery sultans...any pics??

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    i rreeallllly want sultans i have seem pretty ones here...and them there are those chickens, u know the ones that im talking about (ugly ones) if u have pics of your hatchery sultans can u post them please. im going to order them from IDEAL

  2. My current girl, Rosaline, is from Meyer Hatchery. As for the 'ugly ones', the majority of the birds from hatcheries will be like that, sadly. I think I lucked out with Roz, but from what I've seen, they mostly seem to acquire small crests and not very heavy face-feathering. Luck of the draw.



    Fuzzy, my deceased male from McMurray Hatchery, who IMO, didn't have very good genes. But he was a sweetie, none the less.


    A bit older, and moulting:

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    I love my Sultan. He is a proud bird and knows he is Handsome. I can't wait to get the girls.[​IMG]

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