hatching 20 eggs 13 chicks and tragedy

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  1. chuchu

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    Nov 11, 2011
    so i had these two hens and a rooster
    one hen and the rooster were aseel breeds tall birds
    most of th 20 eggs were from the other domestic misri breed hen
    i set 20 eggs under the aseel hen on the 7th september
    i removed just one after candling after one week
    the hen broke three and ate them in the first few days
    she is an excellent broody hen so i am sure she knew they were not developing
    or maybe they just broke because aseel breed hens have small eggs with relatively thinner shells
    of the 17 eggs left one egg broke at 17 days and the chick died despite my attempts at repairing the egg
    13 eggs hatched out of the 16 eggs left between 26 and 28 september
    the 3 eggs were bad and i threw them
    4 chicks were aseel and the other 9 chicks were mixed breeds betweem misri and aseel
    we were all happy letting the chicks free range everyday for many hours in our small backyard garden
    they were kept mostly from the other hens and the rooster
    we fed them a homemade starter formula for chicks
    the chicks grew healthy with nice feathers and tails
    at a month and a half TRAGEDY
    i introduced a new hen to the flock
    it seemed healthy but our rooster and the other hen got ill and died in just one or two days max
    they had difficulty breathing and the hen had painfully swollen eyes
    i seperated them from the chicks and their mother hen
    just two days later one chick got ill
    all the chicks were given exce:(llent home made organic diets and had been perfectly healthy till now no meds
    i quarantined the chick and it died in a few hours
    then another two fall ill
    no symptoms
    just droopy feathers and then they died
    within 3 days 12 chicks had died despite trying various meds on different chicks and seperating the chicks into groups of 2 or 3
    it has been a week now and the one remaining chick is with its mother and seems healthy
    no more free ranging though
    we knew all the 13 chicks and they all had "personalities"
    since the chicks didnt show any symptoms it was almost impossible to treat them properly
    but what struck me was how fast they all died
    i cant stop blaming myself for introducing the new hen as it was probably a carrier
    i hope the last chick survives
    that should keep the hen happy
    did i mention this was my first post in BYC
    i am just soooo sad
  2. wrestling_mom

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    Jun 3, 2011
    Henderson County, NC
    [​IMG] I am SO sorry for your losses. It's hard seeing all of a flock get wiped out, but now you know for the next time.
  3. Tracy the chick

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    Aug 28, 2011
    Aw that is so sad.... Im so sorry for you. I was thinking why dont you post this onto the " Emergency & Deseases" thread also it might help. Hope you find out what happend...
  4. greenpeeps

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    Apr 15, 2009
    Greenford, Ohio
    Sorry, hope someone here can help you.
  5. cmom

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    Nov 18, 2007
    My Coop
    Sorry for your loss. [​IMG] [​IMG] Did you quarantine the new bird for at least 30 days before introducing it to your other birds?
  6. mstricer

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    Feb 12, 2009
    Quote:did you quarantine the bird before you put it with your flock. That is why I don't buy adult birds. You should probably take on of the dead birds in to the vet and find out why it died before you get new birds.

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