Hatching 6 White Leghorns and Six Minorcas???


7 Years
Jul 10, 2012
The Foothills Of Chickendom
O.K so Ive just ordered a dozen (12) fertile eggs 6 White leghorn fertile eggs and 6 Minorca fertile eggs and was planning to put them all under 1 broody hen i have, its possibly her first time and its defiantly my first time hatching (not that I'm physically hatching them). She is a red sex link and defiantly has a bigger butt than the rest of my hens, i cant change the order its already done, silly me
. Will she be able to do this or is there any way any way possible of making a broody hen or giving her 8 or so to sit on now and then wait for another broody and put the rest under her, basically what im saying is there any way of hatching most of my eggs (the lady insured me that she has had great feed back, all varying form about 9-10-11eggs hatching out of 12 eggs which i thought was pretty good) because i really want to get this happening and start breeding.

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Oh I hope you have a great hatch!!!

I am not sure but I can give you a bump and see if someone else catches your thread!
ye me to im getting excited now because i know she can do it, just might be a bit stress full, getting some Lavender Blue Araucana's today so hopefully they come into being broody soon so they can share the load.

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