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    Oct 9, 2013
    A friend was given some fertile eggs one of which was a turkey egg. Her broody chicken hatched out the chickens and then got off the nest so we thought we would put the turkey egg in our incubator. A very small one might I add. Anyway, today we woke up to a pip. So excited but thinking now what the hell are we going to do with a turkey. lol. So my question is. Is there any difference to hatching a turkey from hatching a chicken? We have never hatched our own before. The last lot of eggs we had, our chicken went clucky right before they hatched so we put them under her.

    How long does it take from pipping to hatching? Talk about nerve wracking. I am on tenterhooks lol.

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    It's generally 28 days to hatch date and higher humidity . we run at 70% or so. But don't open that incubator unless you see struggling. You may also want to "borrow" a baby chick to help lead the turkey to and from water the first few days. And it needs company too! Great luck!!! Praying for a great outcome!

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