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So my newest eggs just arrived (thanks Camelot Farms) and look fantastic, didnt loose a one in shipping!

Will be setting these tomorrow and hoping for a productive 21 days ahead.
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Watch closely because often the smaller breeds will hatch on day 19, not 21.

Wouldnt want you to be surprised and off guard...
LoL good to know.

I am thinking of placing them in the egg carton for the hatch after taking the turner out of the bator. Any thoughts on this with these tiny eggs?
i jut put my mil fleur mix eggs in the bator, and was wondering when you have to stop turning the eggs if they hatch earlier.
as well as that bout 2 weeks ago i had my first hatch come early on day 19, the breed isnt small, the hens are blck rocks and the rooster is a giant compared to them. the temp was 101 1/2
any way, good luck whith youre hatch:)

Thanks Luke, I will be pulling mine from the turner on day 18 still, if I see a pip before then I will act on it then. I am also not loading every rack since I am setting 6 eggs only. This will give room to move things around if needed this time.

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